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Founded by the late British climber and IFSC Honorary Member John Ellison, IFSC Official Charity CAC aims to rally together the support and camaraderie of the climbing community to raise awareness of the disease, as well as much-needed funding for cancer research. Following the loss of our beloved friend of Sport Climbing in December 2015, when John sadly lost his battle with cancer, the IFSC vowed to continue its support of CAC.

John's Story

CAC Founder, John Ellison

At the sole World Cup of the 2020 season in Briançon, France, the IFSC proudly distributed 250 COVID-19 face masks featuring the IFSC and CAC logos. In return for the masks, spectators of the Lead World Cup donated a total of €620 EUR to the charity. Also in Briançon, the family of the late Luce Douady, a 16-year-old French athlete who passed away tragically following an incident in June 2020, presented a cheque worth €7,500 EUR to CAC. Ambassador Sheila McCarron was present at the World Cup to accept both donations on behalf of the charity.

CAC made a donation of £25,000 GBP to the National Cancer Centre of Korea (KOR) in 2020, following £75,000 GBP of donations the previous year, split between three cancer research institutes in Italy, Singapore, and the USA. The charity plans to donate £50,000 GBP to research in Mexico and Germany in 2021.

CAC donations presented to cancer research and treatment facilities at the IFSC World Cup Kranj 2021
IFSC Honorary Member Helmut Knabl (AUT) presented a donation to CAC during the IFSC World Championships Innsbruck 2018
The family of the late Luce Douady (FRA) made a donation to CAC at the IFSC World Cup Briançon 2020
Olympian and CAC Trustee Shauna Coxsey (GBR) presented a donation to CAC at the IFSC World Cup Edinburgh 2017

2020 DonationS:

  1. £25,000 to the National Cancer Centre of Korea.
  2. €7,500 cheque donated by the family of Luce Douady.
  3. €620 IFSC donations raised at the World Cup in Briançon.

Donations to be made in 2021:

  1. £25,000 to the Centro de Investigacion del Cáncer en Sonora.
  2. £25,000 to the Helmholtz Association. 


You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth

John Ellison

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