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The past two decades have been a period of spectacular growth for Sport Climbing and the IFSC. Competition climbing has gained credibility not only as competitive sport, but also for its social values.

The IFSC is a young and growing International Federation founded on modern sport values and the unique principles of climbing, cultivating them alongside the developments of our time.

IFSC Strategic Plan 2020-2028

The IFSC Strategic Plan is based on 5 strategic key objectives:

  • showcase Sport Climbing through events;
  • develop Sport Climbing;
  • strengthen membership and governance;
  • increase IFSC brand awareness; and
  • promote Sport Climbing globally.

IFSC Official Strategic Plan 2020 2028 web


  • IFSC Plenary Assembly 2019. Tokyo, March 2019: timeline presented to the Plenary Assembly.
  • April-July 2019: Continental Councils consultation
  • Arco, August 2019: Plan presented during the NFs Workshop.
  • Torino, December 2019: Plan presented during the 1st IFSC Climbing Summit.
  • IFSC Plenary Assembly 2020. Held virtually, November 2020: presentation, discussion and final approval of the Plan.


IFSC activity is inspired and guided by the following values:

  • Respect and support for Olympic Values and Principles

  • Preserving the environment in organising and promoting the activities

  • Doping free sport

  • Accessible

  • Safe

  • Low cost

  • Healthy and educational activity for youth

  • Equality between men and women

  • Competitive

  • Fair, transparent and objective competition judging rules

  • Sport for All

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