Friday, 10 November 2017 10:18

IFSC Champions Aim to Inspire Women to Climb

The Women’s Climbing Symposium, organised by 2017 Season Bouldering Champion Shauna Coxey, was held this past weekend in Bristol, Great Britain.

An annual event, this year the symposium drew former and current competitors, including Lyn Hill, first climber to free climb the Nose in Yosemite and Leah Crane, who ranked 25th in the 2017 Bouldering Season. The event aims to inspire climbers, and specifically women, to push themselves and develop their climbing. The one-day meeting brings together over 400 participants in an open and friendly environment to participate in talks, workshops, and of course, to climb.

The official website of the Women’s climbing symposium can be found here.

A recap of the event can be found on the redbull website.

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