IFSC Official Connected Climbing Partner

Since 2013, French company LUXOV®'s (part of the VOLX group) mission has been to develop innovative solutions in climbing. Innovation is in LUXOV®'s DNA, leading the team of passionate individuals through the years to launch brand new products and reinventing the way to practice indoor climbing. LUXOV® brings fantastic new features to competitions, facilitates record performance, offers real time interaction between climbers and the wall, and illuminates the competition for the public. LUXOV® redefines how we look at climbing walls and how we use them, whether in competition or training. The whole climbing community can benefit, from beginners to world champions.

For climbers of all abilities, sharing the mission to improve, LUXOV® Touch SPEED is the only connected system of Speed climbing holds. LUXOV® Touch SPEED is an exciting and performant training tool giving access to live visualisation of climbing times, individual or group profiles, and back-end management. Each Speed hold is touch-sensitive and saves the time and duration of grasping. This innovation equipped the Speed wall during the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

LUXOV® have also developed a 3D edition and visualisation of climbing walls and holds, which enables digital routesetting and opens new perspectives.

Furthermore, at the heart of the dynamic and booming indoor sport and leisure sector is LUXOV® Fun. It allows people to discover Sport Climbing whilst having fun thanks to interactive and illuminated holds, lighting up different itineraries and creating games.

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