“It was a hectic week-end, but it was worth it. Today, together with the Presidents of the other 32 International Federations, we unanimously approved the dates of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad: July 23 through August 8, 2021” announced IFSC President Marco Scolaris. “After many days I finally see a smile back on the IOC President and my colleagues. Now we have the dates, we have the Olympics: source of inspiration and hope for the battle, which is far from being over, yet.”

The approved decision has had the full support of Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the Japanese Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The IFSC is pleased by the way the IOC handled this delicate situation. A considerable amount of time was dedicated to open and profitable discussions with all the parties involved, ultimately sharing all the key decisions with them. Finally all the IFs spoke up with one voice.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing strongly believes that this decision was taken in the best interest of the athletes, also contributing to the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

At the end of last week it was confirmed that all the athletes that previously qualified for Tokyo 2020 will maintain their status, and that the Olympics will still be contested under their original name: Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

As of today, 30 Sport Climbing athletes qualified for Tokyo 2020 – 15 women and 15 men:

Julia Chanourdie (FRA)  Nathaniel Coleman (USA)
Kyra Condie (USA) Colin Duffy (USA)
Shauna Coxsey (GBR) Ludovico Fossali (ITA)
Janja Garnbret (SLO) Kai Harada (JPN)
Iuliia Kaplina (RUS) Jan Hojer (GER)
Petra Klingler (SUI) Rishat Khaibullin (KAZ)
Mia Krampl (SLO) Alberto Gines Lopez (ESP)
Aleksandra Miroslaw (POL) Bassa Mawem (FRA)
Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) Mickael Mawem (FRA)
Miho Nonaka (JPN) Sean McColl (CAN)
Jessica Pilz (AUT) Alexander Megos (GER)
Brooke Raboutou (USA) Tomoa Narasaki (JPN)
Laaura Rogora (ITA) Adam Ondra (CZE)
YiLing Song (CHN) YuFei Pan (CHN)
Alannah Yip (CAN) Jakob Schubert (AUT)

These 30 athletes were all confirmed by their respective National Olympic Committees, and many of them also participated in the conference call with the IFSC President last Friday.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing, will work hard to do its part in holding the outbreak of the COVID-19 and overcoming the pandemic that is affecting our world. Moreover, the IFSC would like to extend a message to the whole Sport Climbing community around the world: stay safe, stay at home and follow the instruction given by the World Health Organization.

IFSC Press Release

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