On May 1, at 3:00 pm (UTC+8:00), the IFSC Asian Council met in teleconference with IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

Attending the meeting, representatives of the following nations and territories: Cambodia; China; Chinese Taipei; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; India; Iran; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kyrgystan; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea and Thailand.

ACC President Anthony Seah, vice-presidents Rasip Isnin and Frederick Yu Ka-Chi, ACC Secretary General Ding Xianghua and ACC Sport Department representatives Artimes Farshad and Stanley Yeo also participated in the conference call.

During the meeting various topics have been addressed, most of them related to continental competitions such as the recently rescheduled IFSC Asian Championships, the IFSC Asian Youth Championships – which have been confirmed to be held in Chongqing (CHN) from November 19 to 22 – the Asian Beach Games and others.

Additionally, Mr. Scolaris presented the latest development of the IFSC Solidarity Project, while Mr. Yeo introduced a renewed format of the team Speed event.

IFSC Asian Council

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