On Friday, October 2, the IFSC Executive Board held an extraordinary meeting to address the situation concerning the remaining four Continental Championships qualifying one (1) male and one (1) female athlete for each continent to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

To address the challenges and uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board has unanimously decided the following:
  1. The Qualification System calendar approved by the IOC in April 2020 shall not be modified
  2. In the occurrence that the continental qualifying events, as per the Qualification System approved by the IOC in April 2020, cannot be held before the end of 2020, the remaining quotas shall be reallocated through the ranking of the 2019 IFSC Climbing World Championships held in Hachioji (JPN)
  3. Continental councils and Event Organisers will put in place all necessary measures and protocols to guarantee the health and safety of all the athletes, delegations, officials and partiers involved; for this reason, each Continental Council shall schedule a teleconference with their member federations to explain all the procedures and regulations that will be put in place
  4. The IFSC will keep in close contact with the Event Organisers and the local authorities to ensure that the host country does not impose travel and access restrictions preventing the participation of any delegation
The IFSC Executive Board is aware of the several challenges presented by the current pandemic, and has been considering and evaluating all possibilities in the endeavour to provide fair and equal premises for all teams and athletes.

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