The third and final IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup of the 2021 season will begin tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM (UTC-7:00) at the Sender One Climbing Gym in Los Angeles, California, USA.

A total of 57 athletes, representing 14 countries and four continents, will participate four men’s and three women’s classes. The IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup Los Angeles 2021 is the second IFSC event organised in Los Angeles – the first one being the 2020 IFSC Pan American World Championships, also held at the Sender One Climbing Gym – and it will wrap up the 2021 season, six months after it started in Meiringen, Switzerland.

The Paraclimbing finals will be streamed live on the IFSC YouTube channel, Sunday, 10 October at 12:00 PM. News and updates about the competition will be available on the IFSC website and on the Federation’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

211008 IFSC News 2021 IFSC season wraps up in Los Angeles
Lucia Capovilla of Italy competes at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships Moscow 2021
Photo: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC


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