The final IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup of the season wrapped up at the Sender One Climbing Gym in Los Angeles, California, USA, where 57 climbers, representing 14 countries gathered for the conclusive event of the 2021 IFSC season.

The competition day opened with 53-year-old multi-decorated athlete Kobayashi Koichiro securing his first gold medal of the season in the B1 class. The five-time world champion climbed up to hold number 41, besting Ravan Nedu of Romania – silver medallist with 35+ - and Jesse Dufton of Great Britain – third with 32+.

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Competing on her home turf, first-time Paraclimbing World Cup participant Hannah McFadden (25) won the gold medal in the AL2 sport class, placing ahead of South Africa’s Emily Gray by the slightest margin – in fact, McFadden secured hold number 22, while Gray finished with 21+. The podium was completed by Germany’s Jaqueline Fritz, who closed with 21 and took bronze.

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The duel between Austria’s Angelino Zeller (25) and Germany’s Korbinian Franck in the men’s RP1 class was one of the most anticipated of the programme, after they both placed on the podium at all competitions in 2021. Zeller, gold medalist at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships Moscow 2021 last September, eventually finished in first place, with Franck taking silver. Tanner Cislaw of the United States also placed on the podium, securing the bronze medal with 33+.

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Belgian 34-year-old climber Frederik Leys dominated the men’s AL2 final, finally pocketing the first international gold medal of his career, and adding it to the silver he won at Moscow 2021, and the bronze he claimed at this year’s first Paraclimbing World Cup, in Innsbruck, Austria. Also on the AL2 podium, Jake Sanchez and Colin Torpey – both representing the United States – respectively finished second and third.

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In the women’s RP2 class, a thrilling battle between Austria’s Jasmin Plank (33) and Belgium’s Pavitra Vandenhoven ended up with the former taking gold thanks to her better placement in the qualification round, after both Plank and Vandenhoven finished with 29+. The Belgian climber, current reigning world champion in the RP1 sport class, finished in second place, while United States’ Emily Seelenfreund placed third and won bronze in her first Paraclimbing World Cup appearance.

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29-year-old Solenne Piret of France completed her sweep by claiming the fourth gold medal of a stellar 2021 season in the AU2 sport class, finishing in first position with 47+. Italy’s Lucia Capovilla followed in second, with Maureen Beck of the United States also placing on the podium and winning bronze.

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The closing final of the day crowned Israel’s Mor Michael Sapir in the men’s RP2 class. Despite barely missing the top of the route, the 30-year-old climber secured hold number 56+, and pocketed his third gold medals this year. Also on the men’s RP2 podium, Manikandan Kumar of India, and Brian Zarzuela of the United States finished in joint second place, both winning silver.

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Additionally, four Paraclimbing sport classes competed at master level: Austria’s Edith Scheinecker placed ahed of her two opponents – Slovenia’s Tanja Glusic and Romania’s Ionela Grecu – in the women’s B3; in the men’s B3 class, Simone Salvagnin of Italy prevailed over Connor Gearey of the United States; Katharina Ritt of Austria ruled the women’s RP3 final, placing ahead of United States’ Madisyn Taute and Eliana Wallack, who respectively ended in second and third position; finally, Micah Winkle of the United States took first place in the the men’s RP3 final, with his teammate Jared Lenahan following in second place, and Shamus Boulianne of Canada taking third place.


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