From World Champions to The World Games: three gold medallists of last year’s IFSC Climbing World Championships in Moscow, Russia – Danyil Boldyrev of Ukraine, Fujii Kokoro of Japan, and Natalia Kalucka of Poland – will participate in the 11th edition of The World Games, scheduled to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, from 7 to 17 July.

The qualification of the three climbers have all been confirmed by their respective National Federation.

Fujii, 29, placed first in the men’s Boulder event at Moscow 2021, winning Japan’s fourth consecutive title in the discipline, and the first of his career. Experienced Speed specialist Danyil Boldyrev, also 29, secured the top position in the men’s Speed event, doubling the world title he claimed in 2014 in Gijon, Spain.

Both Fujii and Boldyrev participated in The World Games Wroclaw 2017, with the Japanese climber finishing in seventh position in the men’s Boulder event, and Boldyrev taking silver in the men’s Speed.

20-year-old Kalucka will compete at The World Games for the first time in her young career. The Polish athlete won the women’s Speed world title by prevailing over two Tokyo 2020 Olympians: Iuliia Kaplina of Russia, and fellow Polish climber Aleksandra Miroslaw.

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220207 IFSC News Boldyrev Fujii and Kalucka to compete at The World Games Birmingham 2022L/R: Danyil Boldyre of Ukraine, Fujii Kokoro of Japan, and Natalia Kalucka of Poland compete at the IFSC Climbing World Championships Moscow 2021
Photos: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC, Jan Virt/IFSC

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