The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is always looking at ways to innovate and provide the best conditions for its athletes.

At the recent IFSC World Cup event in Innsbruck, Austria, an Anthropometry and Body Composition study was initiated by the IFSC Medical & Anti-Doping Commission and was available to all semi-finalists.

As part of the evaluation, a novel ultrasound method was used to measure the athletes’ subcutaneous adipose tissue with increased accuracy and reliability. The outcome of the study will be fundamental for the improvement of regulations aimed at preventing unhealthy body weight and body composition in Sport Climbing.

Leading the study was Wolfram Müller, a Professor of Medical Physics and Biophysics at the Medical University of Graz. No stranger to the sporting world, Müller was the chair of the International Olympic Committee’s Working Group on Body Composition, Health, and Performance for six years.

The IFSC and its Medical & Anti-Doping Commission, under the leadership of Eugen Burtscher, thank all the athletes who took part in the study, which will be invaluable for scientific research in our sport.

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