The Executive Board of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) held an informal meeting today, acknowledging the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to not include Paraclimbing in the list of 22 sports that will be part of the initial programme at the Paralympic Games LA28.

The IFSC Executive Board also welcomed the opportunity that the IPC gave LA28 to consider Paraclimbing for a potential inclusion as an additional sport, along with para surfing. Should the Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games LA28 put forward any sport for consideration, a final decision will be taken by the IPC Governing Board by the end of 2023.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said:

We are extremely proud that in such a short space of time we could put together a strong proposal, and one that is now being considered to be an additional sport. 

The IFSC was founded in 2007 and we are confirmed in the Olympic Games LA28, and being so close with the Paralympic Games is a big step and achievement for us as a sport. It feels like we have grown together with our brothers and sisters at the International Surfing Association in the Olympic environment, and I hope that we both get to showcase our Paralympic athletes in Los Angeles, California, a place that has a big Climbing and Surfing culture and community.”

Sebastian Depke, Chair of the IFSC Paraclimbing Committee, said:

The past years work preparing for this step was incredibly challenging for the Paraclimbing Committee. Implementing the IPC Classification system was one of our biggest tasks. Being considered as an additional sport for LA28 underlines the success of our work and this is the time for me to say Thank you!’ to all those people behind the scenes that showed up just at the right moment to help.

We received help from other para sports and National Paralympic Committees, as well as other commissions and staff – they really made everything possible in record time. The success of Paraclimbing in its very first application for the Paralympic Games is also their success. No matter if it was just explaining us things, giving hints or helping hands-on at the field of play, they made the difference for us. So, thank you!”

230202 IFSC News IFSC Executive Board welcomes IPC decision to consider Paraclimbing as additional sport at LA28Pavitra Vandenhoven of Belgium competes at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Cp Innsbruck 2022
Photo: Jan Virt/IFSC

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