Launched in November 2022, in collaboration with World Academy of Sport, World Climbing Academy commenced its activities with the first IFSC Routesetters’ Clinic – held in Ibarra, Ecuador – in early December.

The same format was replicated twice at the beginning of 2023, with two more Clinics organised in Kaunas, Lithuania, from 13 to 16 February; and Athens, Greece, from 2 to 5 March.

The IFSC Routesetters’ Clinic in Kaunas was conducted by IFSC Routesetter Tonde Katyio and saw the participation of 12 trainees – including five women.

230329 IFSC News World Climbing Academy holds pair of Routesetters Clinics in Lithuania and Greece 01Participants of the IFSC Routesetters' Clinic in Kaunas
Photo: LLSF

Many questions were asked and so many relevant discussions happened during the 4 days route setters' training with Tonde Katyio,” said participant Aušrinė Balkaitytė. From practical tips and tricks to philosophical approaches. From 12 strangers to getting to know each other at least a tiny bit better. And we strongly believe that something beautiful or at least interesting will grow out of this experience in the future!

The workshop experience was undoubtedly one of the best things that happened to the Lithuanian Climbing community in a long time,” added Dainius Saržickas. For a beginner routesetter like me, Tonde gave me motivation, methods and different understanding of our craft. I would definitely like to experience something similar in my future as routesetter.

The Clinic organised in Athens featured the same training team that conducted the course in Ibarra – Matthias Woitzuk and Mauro Schwatszta – and saw the participation of a group of athletes from the Greek national team.

The two Routesetters’ Clinics were structured around 10 key evaluation points: safety, teamwork, communication, time management, setting methodology, setting craft, creativity, forerunning and athletic empathy, self-evaluation as a climber, and work ethic. attitudeand saw the participation of 12 trainees.

Each participant left their Clinic with a goal, or a task to be performed in the following weeks and months – like setting for a mock event, or at National level, creating a specific route or problem, or simply upgrading their level of setting. Follow-up interviews with the respective trainers will be scheduled to check in on the trainees’ progress.

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