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Launched in May 2018, the IFSC Official Sport Equipment Catalogue is an initiative which aims to make the playing field fairer across international IFSC events. IFSC events will use only IFSC Official Sport Equipment within the Field of Play. Using the same equipment at each IFSC event ensures that all stakeholders share the same experience, from athletes and National Federations to Routesetters and Event Organisers.

Catalogue T20

In November 2019, the IFSC released the Catalogue T20: Official Holds, Macros, and Volumes for Sport Climbing Events at the Olympic Games, to promote fairness within the competition. All brands included in Catalogue T20 are IFSC Authorised Holds, Macros, and Volumes Producers of the Official Sport Equipment Catalogue 2019. Athletes and National Federations who wish to train on the equipment listed in Catalogue T20 are encouraged to contact each T20 Producer as follows:    

T20 Official Holds Producers: Cheeta, eXpression holds, Flathold, Kilter

T20 Official Macros Producers: Agripp, Cheeta, Flathold, Rockcity, XCULT

T20 Official Volumes Producers: Cheeta, Entre-Prises, Rockcity

Catalogue T20 is available under “Important Information” on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 page of the IFSC website or can be downloaded directly below. For further information, please see here.


IFSC Speed License Rules

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has created stricter regulations for IFSC Speed climbing events by defining standards for equipment to be used in the perspective of Speed World Record attempts. Such regulations apply to the following four sport equipment items:

  • Speed Walls
  • Speed Holds
  • Speed Automatic Timing System
  • Speed Automatic Belaying System

Speed Walls

1. In all IFSC international competitions, the Speed Wall shall be built by the following IFSC Recognised Speed Wall Manufacturers:

2. IFSC Recognised Wall Manufacturers in progress:

The IFSC requirements for IFSC Official Speed Walls, and the conditions to become IFSC Recognised Manufacturer are outlined in the following document:

Speed Holds

The IFSC Official Speed Holds are essential equipment needed to set Speed World Records at IFSC competitions. The IFSC Recognised Speed Holds Manufacturer is Volx Climbing. Please click here for any order enquiries. [last update 10/07/2019]


The Speed Automatic Timing Systems is a mandatory requirement to set a Speed World Record. The two IFSC Recognised Speed Automatic Timing System are the following:

[Last update 02/08/2021] 

SPEED Automatic Belaying system

A Speed World Record can be accomplished only when a Recognised Auto-Belay system is used. The Certified Provider is Perfect Descent (please see here) and the model is the Speed drive - Perfect Descent 230.

World Record

The mandatory conditions to set an IFSC Speed World Record are specified in the IFSC rules. Additionally, the IFSC delegate at the competition will conduct a series of sport equipment tests. Tests are described in detail in the IFSC World Record Check.


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